About me

Electronics, software engineer. I was working 9-5 office job, as a software developer for quite a number of years(8). I was(am) great with software architecture development, great with C#, C, C++, tSQL. If you needed software to solve a need of yours, I could take your need, develop an idea, create a database background for it, and create an intricate multi threaded  system that would run all of it over multiple servers and services.

Around August 2013 I selected another path,  that required less programming and more traveling around the world.

Working in the oil field as a drilling equipment specialist, worked in 20+  countries over 4 continents.

If you want to know more, or want my CV, send me a message.

This blog is like a diary of me travelling around, so if you want to read it, feel free. All the photographs here I took myself.

You can visit few of my pet projects online:

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