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Kazakhstan, again… :)

Well then. Here I am again. Almost same time as last year. In the mean time, since my last check in I’ve been around. Let’s see.

Last post was in September 2014, at the time I was in USA, after that I went to Kuwait, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, USA again, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Saudi Arabia again, UAE and now I’m in Kazakhstan, but not in Tengiz, on a different oil field close to Uralsk, in the north west, like 20 km from the Russian border.

Guy chillin out in the business class
Guy chillin out in the business class

So one can say I get around. On my way over here from Dubai, I stopped over night in Almaty, south east Kazakhstan.

There, what I later found out, I got swindled by a cab driver for a taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. I didn’t mind the money he fooled me over for, but the hour and a half ride what should have been a half hour ride.

Anyway, driving through Almaty we turn around a bend and what amazed me were these huge mountains that appeared in front of us. I regret not taking a photo, but you can probably Google it.

(UPDATE: I googled it for you :)) Very nice and impressive to see.


They are 5000 meters high and have a all year round snow caps and look really impressive. I believe they belong to the Zailiski Alatau mountain base.

Stayed in a 5 star hotel the Rahat Palace. Hotel looks fair, but those are some old five stars…

Breakfast was brilliant though… 🙂

View from hotel room
View from hotel room
Hotel from inside
Rahat palace inside

Flight to Uralsk had no excitement as the ride that followed.

There was some roadwork so the paved road was closed and the driver concluded to avoid dust from cars in front of us, he drove on the left side service “road”, in the opposite direction. As I am writing this, everything ended good.

OfRoad rage
Off Road rage

Staying at the work site for three weeks had it charms so I’ll describe it in a few photographs.

Some very nice clouds
Some very nice clouds
Some very nice clouds and over ground gas pipeline
Some very nice clouds and over ground gas pipeline
Well it aint a quilt, it's a mattress, and that below is plywood
Well it aint a quilt, it’s a mattress, and that below is plywood


Anyway, trip to Kazakhstan was colorful and I met some new friends, I’m to leave for home in 4 days so until next time, signing out…


Yeeeeha from Houston, Texas

As you can see from the title, currently I’m across the Atlantic in the US of A for some company training.

Actually today I go back to Europe. I stayed in US for the past four weeks.

What is there to say about the US. Wow, what not to say. It has everything, and I mean everything. And lots of everything.

What overwhelmed me in the beginning was the amount of highways, freeways, tollways, side roads. You have alternate routes where ever you need to go…. And ALL of them are full of cars…. 🙂

And nobody is on foot. At least not that I’ve seen in Houston.

What ever you can think of you will find it within 10 miles from your current location, because shops and restaurants just  keep repeating themselves..

Visited the park, zoo, aquarium, had excellent sea food and got pulverized by waves on Galveston beach, checked out museum of natural science.

So a very productive and entertaining four weeks.

Sorry, no photos this time. 🙂

Kazakhstan wasteland

Hi to everyone from the Tengiz oil field in Kazakhstan. What to say about this place?

As I am here in July, it is pretty warm here, so it is strange to see all the steam heating lines around, but as I hear it gets pretty cold here during the winter months.

I flew in to Atyrau airport from where I went for a four hour ride to the Tengiz field.


On the way we passed several towns and villages and what captivates your eye is an enourmous open plain and no trees in sight. It looks like a dessert but not quite.

14 - 20

Other thing is, there is no grass in towns, only dirt. I guess it’s to cold for grass to grow.

There were several camilles on the way so they seam to follow me where ever I go. These were a two hump version. I know it’s a cow on the photo.

14 - 16

Though one can see Kazakhstan is quickly developing , you still can see remnants of the Soviet era in colossal monuments by the road, or over it.

I was writing this in parts so this is the part after. I stayed in Tengiz for something like two weeks, after what I got back to Atyrau, then flew to other side of Kazakhstan, Almaty, stayed a few hours on the airport then flew to Abu Dhabi.

I’ll just throw in some photos I took while in Kazakhstan. BTW, I loved the food, stuff filled with other stuff and a lot of vegetables, I loved it.

Building blocks for most of the building in the oil town in Tengiz.



My room was in the building on the right.


Morning visitor to my cables on the job.

Visitor on the job


Omani desert

Greetings to everyone from me. My current location is about 100 kilometers from the Abu Dhabi/UAE border in the middle of Omani desert.

As you may or may not know, I introduced a mayor change in my life by leaving my comfortable office software development job, and accepted an exciting role of a field engineer.

So far the job has taken me across several countries all over the world.

Countries such as UAE, United States, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman. Some nicer than others but definately each special in it’s own way.

I would post some photos, but as this is an EDGE mobile connection, this will have to suffice.

Stay tuned!

Well, here I am, on a broadband connection in Houston USA, so here are a few photos I took of the beautiful Omani desert.